Features of the Best Slot Sites

A slot feature’s ability to improve payouts is a popular definition. Remember that the initial generation of slots had only 1×3 reels and 1 payline. The mechanical slots had no jackpots or multipliers. With the advent of digital slots, 5×3 reels and wild and scatter symbols became typical features.

Simple base game elements are not enough to engage casino visitors. Software companies started adding new gaming elements and modes to differentiate their slot bonus. With new gameplay and mechanics added to new titles, features like all-ways paylines, larger reel structures, and mini-games became popular.


The following are common features seen in most online slots.

Wilds Symbols

Wild symbols can be used to match high-value symbols in the game. In some games, matching five or three wild symbols pays out the most.

Wild symbols in some slots do more than just replace other symbols. It also has a multiplier feature for matching symbols. Other games may have to grow, disseminate, or duplicate wilds to boost the number of matching symbols on the reels. In Sticky Wilds, wild symbols stay in place while the reels spin for free.

Bonus Symbols

Modern slots offer many extra features and mini-games. These are unlocked by matching bonus symbols throughout the base game. Bonus symbols alone only activate a slot bonus feature. In some games, matching more than three of these symbols results in instant cash wins.

“Chances” is one of the rewards for matching more bonus symbols. Suppose the bonus mode provides you three chances to find cash prizes out of 20 mystery boxes. If you get 4 bonus symbols, you earn 5 chances instead of 3. Get 10 chances with 5 bonus symbols. In some slots, matching more bonus symbols increases rewards.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are a versatile slot bonus feature. This is the only symbol that can be matched even if it is not on an active pay line or adjacent reels. A scatter sign matches any other symbol on the reels, hence the name.

Most slots employ the scattered symbol to give out quick cash. Others employ scatter symbols to activate free spins. Matching more scatters generally results in more free games. Scatter symbols can also start a mini-game or a slot bonus mode.

Bet Multipliers

They boost the payout rate of any matching during a single spin. A slot machine’s game can include multipliers in several ways. Making it a feature in their free-spins mode is a typical example.

Multipliers are common in cascade reel slots and avalanche reel slots. Matches are cleared to create place for new symbols. Each successive match receives a multiplier score. When these games’ bonus modes are activated, the multiplier increases by three.

All-Ways Payline

There are 25 or less paylines in 5×3 slots where symbols can be matched. All-ways paylines remove this restriction by allowing players to make matches anywhere on the reels. The all-ways payline feature can match similar symbols on neighboring reels.

Larger reels were often used to enhance the all-ways payline functionality. A 5×3 reel slot with both-ways and all-ways payouts can have 720 paylines. Due to its distinctive reel configuration, Megaways slots have an amazing 117,649 paylines.

Cluster Reels

Cluster reels are created by combining puzzle game and slot symbol matching mechanisms. Symbols in cluster pay slots depart to make place for new symbols. The tiny re-spin feature in both the main game and free spins mode makes cluster reel slots intriguing. Several consecutive wins can result in a sizable payment.

To make a slot more appealing, software developers offer features like activating a bonus mode by making consecutive matches. Others offer a multiplier for consecutive matches.

Gamble Mini-Game

After making a match, some games allow you to gamble your winnings to double your prize. This mini-game gives you a 50/50 chance to increase or decrease your winnings. Many slots with a gamble feature include a coin toss where you must anticipate which side will come up.

Other slots have a gamble mini-game with cards. In this mini-game, predict the color of the face-down card to double your prizes. The fact that you can guess the card’s suit adds to the fun. The odds of correctly guessing the suit are 1 in 4, but it quadruples your winnings.

Twin Reels

Twin reel slots pick two or more random reels per spin. When the slot ends, the reels will have the same symbols. While this feature may appear overwhelming at first, having identical symbols on each reel can lead to greater prizes.

The twin reels can effect wild symbols, making it easier to match five of the game’s highest valued symbols. Also, twin reels are a frequent base game bonus.