Cookies are little text files that are stored in a computer’s browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome) and enable for a number of activities such as tracking website traffic and recognizing repeat users.

Cookies are a commonly used technology that is necessary for various instances to provide standard functionality such as automatic login. is also responsible for providing you with access to information that has previously been saved in your browser.

The cookies that utilizes the majority of the time to create user-related statistics, such as how long users have been on and how many of our users have previously been on Furthermore, cookies are used to assess the effectiveness of our banner advertising campaigns. Cookies are used in conjunction with questionnaire surveys to prevent you from receiving questionnaires after you have completed and answered the survey question.

This website uses a number of third-party cookies, for example, to gather statistics about your visit to, to optimize the display of adverts, and for other purposes. In this regard, Google Analytics and Eloqua are employed, among other things.

In general, you can set your browser (for example, Google Chrome) to uniformly manage cookies across all websites. Detailed instructions for changing your browser’s settings and deleting cookies may be found here.